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6311 S. Winchester Ave. Chicago, IL 60636

Our intent is to help clients blend harmoniously with their surroundings while improving them at the same time. By designing, planting and maintaining attractive grounds, our clients are creating an air of boundless beauty around their properties. Alvarez, Inc. will tailor a plan to cover your specific needs and we will do it at a level of quality unsurpassed by other landscape contractors.

Landscape and Design Services.

- Client consultation

- Site inspection

- Designed detail plan and product list

Landscape Maintenance Services

- Mowing, Edging and Pruning

- Application of Nutrients, Seed and Fertilizers

- Weed Control

- nsect and Disease Control

- Repairs (Erosion Control, Over-seeding, Core Aeration and Turf Replacement)

Landscape Application and Planting

- Mulching/Compost

- Soil

- Sodding

- Blanket

- Trees

- Plants/Planters

- Shrubs



  • Navy Pier Seasonal Designs
  • City of Chicago Median Maintenance 
  • Downtown Chicago
  • Museum Campus